Our Mission

...is to inspire personal and professional discovery, innovation and success with 

Child Self Creative Wellness

What is SouLife?

a SouLife is your soul...




SouLife’s™ core philosophy is built on...

the belief that our absorbent years (birth-6) were our most formative years and that reclaiming child traits is the key to living authentically, creating a true path for happiness, which leads to personal and professional innovation and success. 

By accessing the following traits you connect your celestial self with your human experience and live in your power more authentically. 







Expression of Love

Resilience in Falls

Being a Believer

Living in the Present

Losing self in Play

Create with Abandon

Having an Eye of Wonder

Feeling of Pure Love

These concepts are explored.... 

...through community discussions, content exploration and activities using an aleatory art process.

The unArt™ method is a creative process that uses unconscious communication through chance operations to invoke a conscious use of imagination in the production of objects not intended to be contemplated or appreciated as “beautiful” by others in its arrangement of forms, movement, sounds or words- but as a tool and exercise to strengthen one's creator traits and habits.

This creative process frees conscious control to change the view of what it means to live in a creator mindset.

The unArt process involves a special crafted meditation exercise to activate creative brainwaves. 

The curated meditation uses electronic music with binaural beats to stimulate the brain's Frequency Follow Response.

Next, kaleidoscope patterns are used to move the brain into a trance-like state. 

This gaze or “open eyed trance state” unlocks the door between the conscious and unconscious mind. 

Lastly, the meditation will utilize verbal visualization by using symbols to invoke source connection and creativity.

We wholeheartedly believe... 

...that we can live in a state of pure happiness where success and innovation flows by applying this practice in our personal and professional life 

Try the Creativity Challenge and get comfortable with open ended art

SouLife is dedicated to enriching all aspects of life. Join us on one of our many to come adventures!